Images for Mathematics


Images for Mathematics was conceived within the matematita Center. It is a typical creation of the Center in that it uses the resources belonging in most part to the Center, essentially the images. And it is in the Center that it will be at its most complete, as the number of images and range of disciplines increases.

L'ideazione e la realizzazione del primo impianto (2005) sono state opera di Marina Cazzola e Maria Dedò.

Graphics: Marta Rettani.

Project and programming: Francesco Facconi, with the collaboration of Donatella De Tommaso.

English translation: Adrian Wallwork, Gilberto Bini, Giorgia Tessari

Portuguese translation a cura di Atractor.

Scientific responsible: Maria Dedò.

Webmaster: Donatella De Tommaso.

The sections of the catalogue about the exhibitions “matetrentino” and “matematica trasparente” have been edited by the local research center in Trento.

We would also like to acknowledge all copyright owners and photographers who granted us permission to use the images.

The site is continually evolving and anyone who wishes to contribute to it is very welcome to do so. Please send any images or proposals to

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