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Symmetry, playing with mirrors

Visitors to the archive will be able to find in the section related to the matematita exhibitions a sub-section on Symmetry, playing with mirrors exhibition where there are photographs of the various layouts, (here for example in Maubeuge and in Pisa), in addition, of course, to the original one in Milan. They will also find photographs of the exhibits (including mirror boxes and 3D kaleidoscopes) along with the "effects" that can be obtained with these objects (for example in the kaleidoscope of a cube, of a dodecahedron, in a mirror box with 30°, 60°, 90° angles or in an equilateral triangle mirror box).

In addition to the photos of the objects, there are also the images used to set problems in mirror boxes (here is a problem and its solution), posters (here is an example from the poster on polyhedra and one from the poster on wallpaper patterns), images of the catalog, etc.

For each of these cases, visitors can find many representative photos in the related section. For example, this one contains photos of a 3D kaleidoscope that corresponds to the symmetry group of a cube; whereas this one has images that are used with the square mirror box.

All these elements in the archive are meshed together, in the same way as they are mixed with other sections in the archive. This means, for example, one can put a photograph of a tessellation reconstructed among mirrors with the photograph of a street paving or with a photo of the same tessellation colored in a different way (as on the floors at the Certosa di Calci, Pisa) which gives the illusion of a 3D effect: you can find a path about Fun with hexagons.

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