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A roman mosaic in Brescia, at the Domus dell’Ortaglia; the mosaic, that has a scheme of symmetry of type 442,can be obtained using this module. You can compare this mosaic with the paving obtained in a square room of mirrors with the same module. The two pavings are different; in fact, the mosaic in this photo doesn’t have any symmetry axes and it can’t be reproduced in a room of mirrors.
Exhibit of matemilano, section "Symmetry".

The image belongs to the sections...:
442 (p4) (Symmetry)
Other tessellations (2D geometry)
Decorations of floors (Anthology of images)
Decorations of floors (Symmetry)
Domus Ortaglia (Brescia) (From the exhibitions of matematita)
Tessellations around the world (2D geometry)


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