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The picture shows what happens when you put three balls in a kaleidoscope corresponding to the symmetry group of the cube. The red balls form six rings of eight balls each (corresponding to the faces of the cube). The blue balls form eight rings of six balls each (corresponding to the vertices of the cube). The yellow balls form twelve rings of four balls each (corresponding to the edges of the cube).
The balls (of each colour) are 48, corresponding to the 48 elements of the symmetry group of the cube.
You can see an analogous photo in the same kaleidoscope; or the photo of an analogous situation in a different kaleidoscope.
From the exhibition Simmetria, giochi di specchi - Symmetry, playing with mirrors.

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The symmetry group of the cube (*432) (Symmetry)
In the blue kaleidoscope (cube) (From the exhibitions of matematita)

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