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matematita is a Interuniversity Research Center for the Communication and Informal Learning of Mathematics. It has its origins in the experience of promoting mathematics by four Italian universities: Milano, Milano-Bicocca, Pisa and Trento.

It was clear from this experience that the main focus should be on informal learning as one of the main prerequisites to any subsequent more formal learning.

The aim of matematita is to identify the right form of contents and methods for this type of communication. We are investigating, for example, the most appropriate contents, the most effective contexts, what role language plays in aiding learning and comprehension, what multimedia tools have to offer, how math relates to other disciplines (from figurative arts to other sciences), and the relationship between applied mathematics and technology.

Thus one of the main aims of matematita is to design, develop and promote products such as exhibitions, books, journals, and multimedia materials, and to see how these impact both in formal teaching situations (schools) and on the public in general.

Here you can see a report about the activity of the Center in the past six years since its foundation.

Should you wish to contact matematita, please email the Center ( or contact the individual local research centers.