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The 13 archimedean polyhedra

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The 13 archimedean polyhedra and their nets. They are polyhedra with regular polygons as faces and equal vertex figures (the faces are not necessarily equal). Moreover, the group of symmetry is transitive on the vertices (if we take any couple of vertices, there's a symmetry of the polyhedron that maps the first vertex into the second one). The polyhedra with these properties are the 13 polyhedra in the figure and the polyhedra belonging to two infinite families: the prisms with a regular polygon as base and square lateral faces, and the antiprisms with a regular polygon as base and triangular lateral faces.
This image is taken from M. Dedò's "Forme", ed. Decibel-Zanichelli, 1999.

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Uniform polyhedra and their duals (3D geometry)


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