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The images that can be accessed here are part of the archives of the Matematita Center. Some of them are copyright of the Center. Others are copyright of private citizens, and public and private institutes that have granted the Center the right to use their images.

Any images that are downloaded from the site may be used for didactic, study and informative purposes without erasing the quotation on the image or quoting the original source somewhere else. In any case a commercial use is not allowed.

The images shall not be used for commercial purposes, nor shall they be used for any other form of online service. Specifically, under no circumstances shall images be used for any purpose other than those specified above without express permission from the Matematita Center, from the photographer, from the people shown, from the museums, from the libraries, or from any other institutions or individuals who have copyright, rights to commercial uses, or any other rights connected to the photograph or work of art reproduced.

Those who wish to reproduce images of an artistic nature created by living artists or those who deceased less than 70 years ago, shall obtain permission from the individual or institute that has the copyright, or alternatively from the SIAE (Italian society of authors and publishers) that represents such individual or institute.

Those who wish to use the images for purposes other than those permitted, or who wish to obtain a version with a higher resolution, should contact the Matematita Center directly.

The Center takes no responsibility for any improper or unauthorized use of the images.

Any communications or requests for authorizations (as outlined above) relating to images that are tagged "© matematita" should be sent to

Centro Matematita - Unità Città Studi
Dipartimento di Matematica, Via Saldini 50, 20133 Milano.

Or alternatively emailed to:

As for the images which belong to other institutions or people, you may find in the correspondent page the necessary information to request the reproduction permission.

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