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A hyperbolic regular tessellation

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The figure represents a tessellation of the hyperbolic plane in equal triangles, whose angles are, respectively, the half part, the third part and the seventh part of the straight angle. If we consider the points which are the vertices of six triangles (or those with 14 triangles) and join together all the 6 triangles that gather around that points, we get a regular tessellation of the hyperbolic plane in triangles with 7 triangles around each vertex (respectively, a tessellation of heptagons, with 3 heptagons on each point).The image has been realised for the section Spherical triangles and plane triangles of the exhibition Simmetria, giochi di specchi - Symmetry, playing with mirrors.

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Other tessellations (2D geometry)
Hyperbolic geometry (Other geometries)

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