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Fake Borromean rings

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On the fountain of the Castello Sforzesco in Milan, there's a coat-of-arms that should represent Borromean rings; instead, some crossings have been switched so that the resulting knot is different. To better understand the difference, see the interactive animation Borromean and non-Borromean rings.
From the point of view of symmetry, it is a rosette of type C3.

The image belongs to the sections...:
3. (C3) (Symmetry)
Decorations of walls and façades (Anthology of images)
Decorations of walls and façades (Symmetry)
Photos of the city (From the exhibitions of matematita)
The Sforza Castle (From the exhibitions of matematita)
Three or more components knots (Topology)
Knots in the city and outside the city (Topology)
Coat of arms, trade marks and flags (Anthology of images)


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