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A floor in the Certosa of Calci

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The floors of the Certosa di Calci (Pisa) often present a tridimensional effect.Here we can see a wooden panel realised by the students of the Art Institute “Russoli” of Pisa for the exhibition “La matematica sotto i piedi” which reproduces one of these floors. From the point of view of the symmetry, it is a pattern of type *442 (if we ignore the colouring) or of type *× (if we consider the colouring).

The image belongs to the sections...:
*× (cm) (Symmetry)
*442 (p4m) (Symmetry)
Other tessellations (2D geometry)
From the exhibition "Le geometrie della Certosa - la matematica sotto i piedi", Calci (Pisa) 2004 (Other exhibitions around the world)
Three-dimensional effect (3D geometry)


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