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A paving 3*3

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In viale Monza, in Milan, a pavement provides an example of pattern 3*3. This pattern can be reproduced in a room of mirrors with the shape of an equilateral triangle.
We can find the same tiles with a different colouring in a wooden floor of the Certosa di Calci (Pisa), where the colouring produces a tridimensional effect.
The image used to belong to the exhibition matemilano.

The image belongs to the sections...:
3*3 (p31m) (Symmetry)
Other tessellations (2D geometry)
From "fun with hexagons" (From "XlaTangente")
From "mirrors" (From "XlaTangente")
"about the project" (From "XlaTangente")
Around the city (From the exhibitions of matematita)
In the street (Anthology of images)
In the street (Symmetry)
Tessellations around the world (2D geometry)


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