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How to get a 120-cell

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This picture gives you an idea of how to get a 120-cell, which is one of the six regular polytypes in 4D space, made up of 120 dodecahedra, which meet 3 to 3 at each edge. You start with a stack of 10 dodecahedra that you have to imagine as being closed in 4D space to form a ring (analogously, a row of four squares drawn on paper that you can fold into 3D so as to form four faces of a cube). Then you 'fatten' this ring with 10 wheels of 5 dodecahedra each (as you can see in the picture) so that you then get a bigger ring of 60 (10+50) dodecahedra. You then glue two of these rings so that a parallel of one sticks to a meridian of the other.

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120-cell (4D geometry)
From "towards the 4th dimension" (From "XlaTangente")

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