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A MIC signpost in Bolzano

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One of the ten signposts of the MIC project "Maths in the city".
This one is placed ih the park Mignone, near a strucure made of three dodecahedra and used for children to climb.
This gives the cue for noting that, as the faces of a dodecahedron are 12 pentagons, also a football is made out of some hexagons and exactly 12 pentagons; and also a golf ball is made out of many more hexagons but exactly 12 pentagons.
You can see another one of the ten signposts.

The image belongs to the sections...:
Dodecahedron (3D geometry)
The maths signposts (Exhibitions with matematita)
Polyhedra around the world (3D geometry)

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