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A rosette

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The drawing of one of the fifteen rosettes in the horizontal row lying in the middle of the façade of S. Maria Novella, in Florence.
You can see an other one; or you can see a photo of the same rosette.
The symmetry type of this rosette is quite interesting: in the centre we see a dihedral symmetry type D6, while in the exterior annulus we have a dihedral symmetry type D8. GCD(8,6)=2, so on the whole we have a symmetry type D2, like the one of a rectangle.

The image belongs to the sections...:
*2. (D2) (Symmetry)
*6. (D6) (Symmetry)
*8. (D8) (Symmetry)
Decorations of walls and façades (Anthology of images)
Decorations of walls and façades (Symmetry)


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